Need Help To Reduce Operating Expenses Or Improve Decision Support System?

We deliver cost-effective accounting & VAT services, Management reporting, Data visualization and BI tools for SMEs. 

Need Help To Reduce Operating Expenses Or Improve Decision Support System?

We deliver cost-effective accounting & VAT services, Management reporting, Data visualization and BI tools for SMEs. 




Groovze FZ LLC is an accounting and data analytics organization incorporated in RAK Free Zone, UAE. We comprise a team of experienced accountants and data scientists.


What would you choose to do to reduce operating expenses and improve your decision-making ability from the below options?

1. Outsource secondary business activities to professional groups and save big.

This option reduces your operating expense majorly the manpower cost,  and offers the benefits like flexible staffing, increased efficiency, reduced turnaround time etc.,

2. Automate secondary business activities and do them in-house.

This option makes sure that you always get consistent, timely and accurate information at a reasonable cost with full control over the process.

3. Leverage enterprise data asset for real-time analysis and decision making.

This option helps you to lead the race with real-time information with optimal investment in IT infrastructure.

Often, finding the right business partner to entrust these tasks are not easy even though you see a lot of options around.  Here comes Groovze FZ LLC, a firm owned and managed by a group of experienced Chartered Accountants, IT system consultants and Data Scientists who are passionate about finding new ways to deliver value to customers. 

Our unmatched experience in relevant functional areas and commitment to provide you unparalleled services at a reasonable price will undoubtedly help you to both reduce operating expense and improve your decision support systems in your organization.

We are happy to offer you a demo of our products and services at your convenience. 

Please send us a message to take the discussion forward.




Groovze's Accounting and VAT services offer Bookkeeping, Accounting and VAT filing in UAE for our clients. This competitively priced service is ideal for small and medium enterprises because our Chartered Accountants shoulder the burden of bringing you the right information at the right time.

Our service stands-out from others as we offer Monthly management report, Monthly Profit and Loss account, Balance sheet, soft copy of all your VAT documents for future reference, VAT return filing and reports on the move through the mobile application as part of our standard offering at a  competitive price.

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Groovze's management reporting tool helps you to convert static reports into interactive, online shareable and printer friendly reports. The user can select parameters to slice and dice data, add their review comments and share with others with click of a button.

This tool benefits organization with complete, consistent, accurate, and timely management reports to ensure that you take right decision at right time.

This tool is unique since it can produce reports that are interactive enough to provide the information a report reader is looking for. and help them to make better-informed decisions.

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Groovze BI suite provides an array of interactive dashboards in all functional areas of your business at a very competitive price. 

This product can offer in-depth analysis of your organization’s financial position, sales, purchase and human resources functions and many more.

Groovze BI suite offers you a high return on investment through it’s ready to use dashboards, easy integration to any legacy system and the power of big data tools used.

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