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Interactive reports


 Interactive documents are a new way to prepare and publish management reports.  We can convert your management report set to an app, which can automate periodical report preparation with a click of a button. 

Share review comments online


It is important to share your thoughts on the information shown in a management report with your peers and make it available for future reference. In our management report tool, you can record your comments and share them online with peers.

User-driven reports


 Unlike the more traditional workflow of creating static reports, our management report tool allows a report reader to change the parameters underlying the analysis and see the results immediately and effortlessly.

Quick conversion


 Our expert team of data analysts is committed to convert your management reporting requirements to interactive and automated report application in no time and ensure a high return on your investment.  

Ensures consistency


 Completeness, Consistency, Accuracy, and Timeliness are key factors of a good information system. Use of an automated management reporting tool brings these factors in your management reports. 

Print or share effortlessly


 Once you complete analysis of your data using the interactive management report, the output can easily be converted to a pdf or share the URL for peer review effortlessly.